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All Lights
The objective of this puzzle is to turn on all of the lights in a 5x5 grid.
Asternoids - a shoot 'em up video game. Nice!
A very cool game shoot in the space, with sound affect. You should turn on your volumn and check it out!
A nice breakout clone with adjustable speeds.
Want to gambling, One-player blackjack, versus the dealer.
A nice tetris, with sound effects.
Breakout is an extremely addictive variation on the old breakout game. It is kind of fun to play with!
A nice game to connect all the square to be the bridges. It's a nice game thought :)
This game is some how similar with the original "pong" video games. Break out all of the bricks to proceed to the next level.
Crazy Carl loves to fish but he has no fishing pole or net. So, he just runs the river, clobbering his prey. See what you can clobber for supper!
Rid your garden of pests in this classic video game.
An old school mental challenge: the classic card game Memory.
Cross Word
A 15x15 crossword puzzle.
Gophers are taking over your yard! Bash all the little buggers by clicking on them with your mouse!
3D Golf
So the boss made you get rid of that carpet golf game you used to play in the office? Time to check out the goft 3D!
Nostalgic shoot-them-up applet for those who used the play the game on C64 (and even before that, pehaps on a VIC20).
IQ game
A slick, challenging, free game based on an old classic. Try to leave either as few or as many marbles as you can.
If you're old enough to remember the first video games, then you're probably familiar with Pong. lsPong is a variant of that old favorite, and it's still fun to play!
JD Lunar Lander
A game try to land the ship :) Well, it seems silly but it's cool then :)
Jonah is a game loosely based on the story of Jonah and the great fish!
JV Mine
The Java Virtual Memory Unit is an applet that can display animations created for the Sega Dreamcast.
Laser Blocks
The Laser Blocks game is a variant of the famous Tetris game, but this is one of the best that I've seen. Have fun, and be careful not to get addicted!
A mind game in which the player tries to avoid the last match.
If you're looking for a cross-platform way of having fun, check out this version of a classic game in which you must avoid the hidden mines.
Missile Commando
Another shoot 'em up video game.
Moon Raid Lite
A simple but fun game in which you have to shoot the aliens while avoiding obstacles.
A "space version" of the classic 'Nibbles' game. You're a space worm and must eat stars, avoiding the opponent, the walls, and yourself!
Pac Tag
Remember Pacman? Remember tag? Well, this is the best of both worlds! Pac-Tag is a two-player game.
Picture Game
A simple game of identifying pictures.
Ping 2
A simple 2-player version of the classic Pong game.
A famous video poker game.
Rat In Maze
The challenge of the RatInMaze game is to help the rat out of the maze, of course. The rat is hungry and responds to the cheese you leave for it, so keep the rat alive by feeding him with the cheese as you lead him out of the maze.
Red Bugs
The redbugs applet will keep you in action for hours!
The object of the game is get the Rocks to pass through the gates to the bottom. Each rock which makes it to the bottom will increase your score by one.
Shooting Gallery
ShootingGallery is a simple but fun game, with nice graphics/animation. Shoot the ducks (they speed up!) to get points and knock them over.
A quick puzzle: Remove all 44 marbles from the board.
Star Base
Yet another shoot 'em up video game.
Tail Gunner
Hold on to your socks! This tailgunner applet will blow your mind! This is an example of what Java can do. .
A 2-player head-to-head Tetris game.
Tic Tac Toe
The classic game with a computer opponent.
Torpedo is a fun game with professional sound and graphics that will keep you glued to your computer!
Trekkieroids is a Star Trek-style asteroids game that brings back memories of days gone by. This up-to-date version is quite addicting, so you've been warned!
A great scrolling action game! Use the arrow keys to move left and right and to jump. But be careful, the ice is slippery!
UFO Attack
Slick UFO game with great audio/visual effects.
Dodge the sharks in this scrolling video game.
Slick little game in which you control the worms, or rather, the Wermz!
Are you tired of all those tetris-clones? Sorry, but here's another one. Its called Wissetris. The big difference is that this one gives you a lot less frustration and a lot more gameplay. Because this one can mirror and rotate falling blocks!
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